Perception of Closeness

Now that people are connected with each other with the tip of one fingers, distance is not longer the topic that people talked about (unless when you are in a long distance relationship where skin-to-skin feelings matters). But still, there are video calls now where you can chat long distance. With people more connected with each other, should people be more aware of each others’ feelings and emotions?

From my humble stand point, seems like younger generations are more socially awkward. Don’t know when to not speak. I understand the freedom of speech, where people want no limit in what they say. But, most of the time, people tend to, pardon my french, expose their stupidity, insensitivity and harmful to self statement to public.

When the people are connected through ‘keyboard’, the intonation of a voice, the face reaction of a person are absence from the conversation, which can lead to miscommunications and misunderstandings. Hence, due to the absence of physical being, the information received is based on the perception of the receiver.

But, after all, aren’t all things ‘important’ now are the perceptions? (in sarcastic tone).




That small thing called happiness

“Are you happy?”

This is a simple question one asked me. Most of the time, my default answer was “Yes, I am”. But this time, I choose to think about it. Am I happy? Well, I am not sad, does that makes me ‘happy’?

Do I wake up daily feeling pumped up? No. Do I look forward for my day? Well, not really. I really trying to get through today for tomorrow will come afterwards. Do I want a different life? Yes, I do. Back to the question, “Are you happy?” Honestly, no. I am indifferent.

Definition of happiness

What makes people happy? Is it getting what they want? Or to put it in more fancy word, ‘achieving target’. In order to be happy, people starts to set targets, such as, “I want a new dress”. Bought the dress, bam, happy. Or I want to win the race, won the race, happy. What if people do not get what they want? Some people feel sad, some people feel more motivated and some people may feel indifferent. Due to this, can I say happiness is highly dependent on your ‘target’? If one has no target, just live as it is, is (s)he happy?

Setting target

People can set long term or short term target. Easy or hard target. Once you achieved it, you are happy and ready to move on to the next target. This process continues until you die. Since we will put another target, (or hope, or goal, whatever you want to call your “future state that you wish to have”), after achieving a target, when will you be actually happy?

Our Values

To me, values play an important roles in determining how to be happy. What is the thing that you value the most in life? Some people put family on top, some wealth, some knowledge and some popularity. Its up to you. You know yourself (or you feel that you know yourself). In determining your values, you need to be honest with yourself. You don’t have to share it with anyone, so, no one will judge you! And values may change as you grow older, or experience a “kick” in your life. (Kick= something big that change your life direction such as getting married, having your first kid, death of spouse, retirement or starting career from student life)

To be happy, the ‘target’ we discussed above, should be in line with your values.


I’m not expert in religion. But, when you acknowledge that some things are already written to you and you have no control on it, you feel much calmer.

For example, marriage. Your partner had been written for you before you were born in this world. Instead of trying to ‘find’ your partner, and be sad and stress about it, you should just focus on improving yourself.

Instead of stressing out because you have not gotten your promotion, you should just trying your best at your work.

When you acknowledge, there is a greater power than men, you’ll be calmer hence happier.

Be thankful

All in all, despite not achieving target, when you are thankful, you’ll be happy.

Am I happy?

If my answer is no. Maybe I should take a step back, look around me, and be more thankful that I am still here.




Baking: Mug Cake

I love to eat cakes! Who doesn’t? But most of the time, I would be too lazy to go to the cafe and buy one, because, i need to spend time to get ready, you know, dressing up, put on some makeup (even though my daily make up routine only consists of powder, eyeliner and lip stick) and go out JUST to buy the cake, it is not worth it (i need around 1 hour to get ready, and buying cake will take me 5 minutes, the journey will be around 30 minutes, you do the math, it is just not worth it).

I don’t mind baking at home, in fact, i do enjoy baking. But baking cake, a whole cake, is not worth it. You see, it is only me and my husband at home plus, cake that is 2-3 days old is not that yummy. How about cup cakes? Well, we don’t have cup cakes/ muffin tins at home, and a batch of cup cakes usually consists of 6 cup cakes, which are still too much for both of us. In the end, i just suppress my craving because it is just not worth it.

But, my life had changed! Yesterday, while browsing youtube, i stumble into a “mug cake” cake video. Well, baking cake, in a mug, using microwave! I heard about it before, but i just don’t give a damn. You know, cake in a microwave, hmm, that doesn’t sound like cake at all. Anyway, i gave it a try. It took me awhile to find recipe that is easy and trustworthy. So i found this ‘Chocolate Peanut Butter Mug Cake’ recipe. It is delicious, but i increased the baking time to 2 minutes and 20 seconds with my 700w microwave. I definitely will try the recipe again, but i may increase the amount of peanut butter.

No picture for now, as my mug is too ugly for a blog, will upload picture once i bake this recipe, again, in a nicer mug.





This will be my 100th introduction to a blog. Somehow my blog only last up to 5 posts but i hope this one will last to at least 10 posts :p. Anyhow, here we go, again:

Here, you wil follow me through my eyes and mind.

Thank you and happy reading!